Food Menu

Our food menu is truly built around sharing. With influence from around the world, we use traditional ingredients with a modern twist on flavours and techniques. We have a range of vegetable, meat and fish dishes, as well as snacks if you need something a little quicker.

Serving food from 11:30am – 3pm and 5:30pm – 10pm. Download a copy here: Main Menu

Cauliflower shawarma with caramelised onions, pine nuts, crispy cauliflower and tahini dressing (v) (*ve) (gf) (df) £5.95
Roasted heritage carrots with lovage dressing, orange and toasted hazelnuts (v) (ve) (gf) (df) £5.95
Sweet potato, lentil, spinach and coconut dhal with raita (v) (*ve) (gf) (*df) £6.50
Crispy fried Brussel sprouts with apple, parmesan and a lemon chilli dressing (v) (*ve) (gf) (*df) £5.95
Papas arrugadas – canarian wrinkly potatoes with hot pepper & garlic sauce (v) (ve) (gf) (df) £4.50
Warm salad of sprouting broccoli and courgette with a blood orange dressing (v) (*ve) (gf) (df) £6.95
Smoked Portobello mushrooms spinach, salsa and smoked halloumi (v) (*ve) (gf) (*df) £6.95
Baked feta with chilli oil and carrot & cardamom jam (v) £6.95
Smoked aubergine chips, tempura battered with rocket & chilli mayonnaise (v) £5.95
Hand cut chips (v) £2.95
French fries (v)£2.95

Pulled pork enchiladas with sweetcorn salsa (*df) £7.95
Hummus, smoked lamb shoulder, pinenuts, herb salad & pickled chillies (gf) (df) £9.75
Slow cooked corned brisket, spiced beetroot puree and saffron pickled turnips (gf) (*df) £9.75
Smoked Korean style chicken wings with crunchy salad and toasted sesame seeds (gf) (df) £6.95
Khinkali – Georgian pork and beef dumplings with spiced parsnip pickle (df) £8.50
Smoked chicken, chorizo and butter bean broth (gf) (df)  £8.95
Charcoal roasted bavette steak – medium rare with chimichurri sauce (gf) (df) £8.95

Salt cod croquettes & aioli £6.75
Hot smoked salmon, beluga lentil and spinach salad with chilli, sesame, soy and honey dressing (gf) (df) £8.95
Basque seafood stew, saffron aioli (gf) (*df) £8.50
Seabass fillet, ratatouille and tapenade (gf) (df) £8.95
Smoked haddock macaroni cheese, tomato salsa £8.95
Mexican shrimp chorizo and guacamole (gf) £6.95
Mussels with coconut, chilli, lime and coriander, wonton crisps (*gf) (df) £7.95

Binham blue wantons (v) £3.75
Smoked garlic button mushrooms (v) (gf) £2.95
Cipollate con pancetta – Chargrilled spring onion wrapped in bacon (gf) (df) £3.95
Bread and olives (v) £3.50
Fresh socca with baba ganoush (v) (ve) (gf) (df) £3.50

Judith’s pear torte (v) £6.95
S’mores cookie Dark chocolate cookies, marshmallow, peanut butter ice cream and chocolate sauce (v) £6.95
East Twenty Six Glory Cranachan, whiskey and honey ice cream, raspberry jelly, raspberries, toasted oats and vanilla ice cream (v) (*gf) (*df) £6.95
Pineapple tarte tatin with pink peppercorn and marshmallow ice cream (v) £6.95
Churros with chocolate sauce (v) £3.95
Ice cream (served with Langues de Chat cookies) – Iced Yoghurt & Cherry / Basil & Lemon / Coffee & Nougat / Dark chocolate & after eight / Leche Merengada / Lemon meringue (v) (*gf) £1.95 per scoop / 3 for £4.95
Sorbet (served with Langues de Chat cookies) – Pear & vanilla / Cocoa & orange / Pina colada(v) (ve) (gf) (df) £1.95 per scoop / 3 for £4.95

(gf) – Gluten Free
(*gf) – Gluten Free option available
(df) – Dairy Free
(*df) – Dairy Free option available
(v) – Vegetarian
(ve) – Vegan
(*ve) – Vegan option available