Food Menu

Our food menu features a range of vegetable, meat and fish dishes. We use traditional ingredients with a modern twist on flavours and techniques.

Food is served from 11:30am – 3pm and 5:30pm – 10pm.


Ground   £6.95

Tempura battered butternut squash with a star anise and caper dip and carrot pickle (v)(df)(ve)
Patatas bravas with romesco sauce and smoked almonds (v)(ve)(df)(gf)
Tahini baked aubergine in a chilled sweet and sour liquor topped with fresh coriander and sesame seeds (v)(df)(ve)
Cauliflower sag aloo with pickled chili and coriander yoghurt
Arepas – Colombian fried chickpea bread topped with quinoa, chilli, avocado and cheese (v)(gf)(ve*)
Minestrone stew – chunky vegetables and pasta in a tomato and herb sauce (v)(ve*)(gf*)(df)
Furikake fries – Japanese seasoned French fries £3.50/Hand cut sweet potato chips £3.50 (v)(gf)(df)(ve)


Land  £6.95

Battered fried chicken with Korean hot sauce topped with sesame seads and spring onion
Crispy rolled confit duck
served with sunomono salad and fried peanuts (df)
Kakumi tonkatsu –
slow braised pork belly with glased brown sauce and shredded napa cabbage (df)
Okonomi-yaki –
savoury pancake of pancetta and coleslaw topped with so-su sauce and mayonnaise
Keftedes arni –
Greek style lamb and feta meatballs with roasted red pepper hummus
Smoked brisked bao –
pulled, smoked brisket in a steamed bun served with fresh cucumber, spring onion and East 26 sauce

Sea   £6.95

Red dragon tiger prawns sauteed with dragon chilli glaze, topped with fresh corriander and black sesame seads (df)
Fritto misto – fried seafood selection with dill aoili (df)
Cod namban zuke – crispy fried pieces of cod served with sweet and sour vegetable pickle (df)
Szechuan wontons – prawn, ginger and lime poached wontons in a Szechuan sauce (df)
Kani-yaki – crab and potato cakes fried in dough batter served with takoyaki sauce and maynnaise (df)
Treacle cured salmon – black treacle cured salmon served with cucumber consomme and balsamic glaze (df)



Lemon and poppy seed curd pavlova with toasted seeds £5.50

Dark chocolate mousse with candied chili and ginger crumb £5.50

Churros with salted caramel and chocolate sauce and cinnamon sugar £5.50

Cheesecake souffle with berry compote and creme Chantilly £5.50

Sweet vegetable trio – parsnip pana cotta/butternut squash brulee/beetroot shortbread £6.50

Ice cream (please ask for todays selection) £1.95/1 scoop,  £4.95/3 scoops

Sorbet (please ask for todays selection) £1.95/1 scoop,  £4.95/3 scoops


(gf) – Gluten Free
(*gf) – Gluten Free option available
(df) – Dairy Free
(*df) – Dairy Free option available
(v) – Vegetarian
(ve) – Vegan
(*ve) – Vegan option available